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10 great strategies to market well

Good marketing strategies, tried and true, are hard to pin down these days, perhaps because they are hard to articulate in few words or because of the bewildering new media and shifting market base.

However, there’s help, from the excellent book Kellogg on Marketing. In the book you’ll find ten elements of a good marketing strategy.  These elements are receiving a lot of attention by smart people in business.  We’re including them in our client’s marketing plans – and we think you should including them in your plans, as well.  (Here’s the best part: they are easy to understand and measure.)

The table below came from research notes we did for a client back in 2002-3. It proved helpful in focusing the content of boardroom presentations and in preparing various communications.  The attributes are still in play and performing well. We hope this list (and the book) will be helpful to you, too, as you seek to innovate in today’s new market.

Look to see which ones your company has employed is or is working to employ. Which ones have you found to be most effective? Which ones haven’t you pursued that merit attention?  Email me at to let me know what you think.


A historical look at thinking different

I came across a good reminder to think about challenges differently to accomplish a goal. Thirty-three years ago Paul MacCready approached a challenge creatively and won. He devised a technological solution to win the Kremer Prize for human powered flight with his innovative Gossamer Condor. All the other teams designed traditional aircraft that were too heavy. Mr. MacCready thought that the prize could be reached by flying slowly. This creative idea lead to a series of innovations with light-weight aircraft. He and his company went on to greater accomplishments and recognition. The innovative Gossamer Condor is now prominently featured at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC.

It is good to remember that creativity is critical to the success of your personal and business endeavors. Make sure that you and yours are within an environment that fosters creative thinking and rewards the process of innovation. This is harder to attain than it should be and may require drastic action. But if the game is worth the candle, then any action that will produce creative innovation is certainly worthwhile.

The Gossamer Condor story is worth your time to read. There have long been victors who were creative enough to approach challenges differently, who achieved distinction with innovative attempts to reach their goal.

I trust that such an approach continues to inspire you and produce great accomplishment for you and yours as it has for us. Our firm has enjoyed the great honor and privilege of helping people and their companies thrive with innovative applications of creative thinking since 1971.

[Thanks to Wikipedia and for the inspiration.]


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